Associate Companies

Heuser Metallverarbeitung GmbH

The present Heuser Metallverarbeitung was acquired by Birger Heuser out of an insolvency. Thanks to targeted investments in infrastructure and actions characterized by sustainability, the crisis was successfully mastered. Since then, the company has been growing steadily.

Today, Heuser Metallverarbeitung is part of the Heuser Beteiligungsgesellschaft and can focus on its core competencies, as the Beteiligungsgesellschaft has taken over the active management of bookkeeping and finance and accounting. 

Heuser Beteiligungs GmbH

Heuser Beteiligungsgesellschaft consists of a competent and experienced team for crisis handling and structuring as well as administration of companies.

Under the leadership of Dipl. Ing. Birger Heuser, Heuser Beteiligungsgesellschaft has helped various companies out of difficult situations by providing financial and professional support.


The leading manufacturer of therapy tables and workout machines for physiotherapy and rehabilitation sports. With state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and production control at its locations in Baden Württemberg, REINBOLD also manufactures for its distribution partners in the national and international markets. 

Heuser Excio GmbH

Heuser Excio GmbH manufactures high-end exercise equipment with a focus on people and their health. The innovative machines are not only used in gyms, but also in physiotherapy, clinics, spas and senior facilities. The company, based in Breuberg, Germany, has been part of the Heuser family since 2022.