Heating cabinets HWS

Product details Heating cabinets HWS

Intended Use

Heating and keeping warm PCM heat packs and for keeping warm kerosene fango in physiotherapy.


  • self-supporting outer housing made of pattern-rolled stainless steel
  • Internal housing with 6 or 12 rack levels
  • Basic equipment (choice of perforated plate or closed plate):
    • HWS 6-5030 - 4 sheets of aluminum
    • HWS 12-5030 - 10 sheets of aluminum
  • insulated door and selectable handle bar: red, green or black
  • electronic control between 0 °C and 85 °C
  • high control accuracy ± 2 °C
  • even and fast heating due to air circulation system
  • low power consumption due to high insulation
  • Installation dimensions for kitchens
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Product overview

Image- Spots Heuser Haan


Mobile support system for infrared radiation equipment in physiotherapy with powdered steel frame.

Image - Water baths Heuser Haan

Water baths

The steam baths are designed to make thermoplastic splints & dressings malleable.

Image - Heating Cabinets Heuser Haan

Heating Cabinets

WS heating cabinets are designed to keep warm fango-paraffin or silicate packs in physiotherapy.

Fango-Stirrers Heuser Haan


Heating and keeping warm natural fango in physiotherapy, heating and keeping warm paraffin-fango ...

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