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Heuser Apparatebau GmbH is a long-established company, with its origins in engineering and manufacturing of industrial equipment. The company Peter Heuser Mess- und Regeltechnik was founded in 1959 by the engineer Peter Heuser. After over two decades of consistent growth, Mr. Heuser recognized the potential in the demand for medical products.

In 1980, the company introduced its first Medical Devices for heat-therapy purposes. Their popularity grew, sparking a turning point for the Heuser Brand and thus, culminating the first full range of heat therapy devices, to be manufactured exclusively for distributors specialised in the medical field.

Birger Heuser, engineer and son of Peter Heuser, acquired the company in 1987, with the vision of an international company, recognized for its exceptional quality and proud traditions. Mr. Heuser transitioned to a corporate structure, now known as Heuser Apparatebau GmbH.

With decades of experience and now operating alongside the third family generation, Heuser Apparatebau GmbH holds a leading role as manufacturer and service partner in the physiotherapy sector.

We are the German heat therapy market leader and a steady-growing international competitor.

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